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About me - Emma-Jayne Beattie ITEC DIP. MAR.


Looking back, it seems obvious to me now that I was destined for this. As ever though, hindsight is a wonderful thing! I have always had a fascination with Holistic Therapies and have had numerous therapies myself, whether it’s a relaxing massage whilst on holiday or the Reiki treatments I had years ago, more latterly trying Indian Head Massage, Crystal Therapy and so on.

It wasn’t until I moved back to this area and started to see a lady who lived nearby that I was introduced (or seduced!) by the powerful therapy of Reflexology. I went to see this lady initially for back massages as I suffered with neck and shoulder pain with daily regularity. Whilst there, she offered to give me a Reflexology and Healing Session to see how it could benefit me...from that moment on, there was no looking back. I had weekly sessions for 6 weeks then went onto once monthly (more latterly reverting to weekly sessions again to keep me grounded). During my many treatments, my Reflexologist would say to me, “you really ought to train as a Reflexologist, you are naturally gifted and I can see you helping people”. For a number of months, I let the idea flit around in my mind until one day, it came to rest and started becoming a reality. As with most things, timing is key. My Husband and I ran a busy CD/DVD manufacturing business and, as the physical media market was changing at that time, we took the decision to close the business. I took this as my cue to change direction and do something that I loved and had a desire to learn. So, thank you Evelyne, for igniting my interest and passion for Reflexology.

I made enquiries and found a college (NatureCare College, Guildford) run by the very encouraging and knowledgeable Carole. There I attended weekly Anatomy & Physiology Classes, as well as Practical classes for the Reflexology. During my training, I completed 130 case study treatments on a variety of clients and researched numerous conditions to aid the therapy sessions. I had some amazing results from these case studies and it further cemented by belief and commitment to Reflexology. From the very first Anatomy & Physiology class, I was in my element. Hungry for knowledge and with a fired interest in the wonder that is the human body. I obtained a Distinction in the exams (both theory and practical) and am fully Qualified and insured.

Since qualifying, I have completed extra continued professional development courses in Maternity Reflexology, Conception Journey Reflexology, Cancer Care Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, Crystal Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Visual Reflexology, Nerve Reflexology, AromaReflex (making up bespoke Aromatherapy blends to personalise the medium used during a treatment, the client then gets to take the remainder home with them), Holistic Facials, however I am keen to keep expanding my knowledge so that I can pass it onto my clients. I have also completed a L3 Teaching Certification that enables me to teach :-)


I am now a Reiki Master Teacher but my relationship with Reiki started many, many years ago. Long before I had an inkling I would one day be helping others through their Reiki levels. I had my first experience of Reiki when I was going through a pretty challenging time and a work colleague suggested I go and see a Gentleman called Mark, who was a Farmer by trade but did Reiki Healing in his spare time. I knew nothing about it but am open minded and willing to try anything to better myself, enlighten myself or just to prove things to myself! So I went along pretty clueless but open minded. My first visit was an amazing experience, very powerful and has never been repeated - I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I think this is because whatever blockages and emotional turmoil I was going through were released. When the treatment finished, I felt exhausted but felt lighter and so much calmer. Now when I have Reiki, it feels very comforting, relaxing and it energises me. I took my Reiki I and II attunements with Victoria, a Reiki Master from Farnham and I loved the process. Spending time with like minded people in a very peaceful environment; it was a lovely experience. I have completed my Reiki Master with Anne, a wonderful lady nr Tadworth. I have also completed my Reiki Master/Teacher certification with her too in 2018. Lock down saw me re-focus my efforts with teaching Reiki and I started to compile my manuals for teaching and, I am pleased to say, they are complete. A process I thoroughly enjoyed. I am extremely excited to be teaching and love that I can be a part of someone's Reiki journey. My Clients tell me, they feel like they are sitting next to an open fire when I give them Reiki Healing. Different people have different reactions to Reiki but whatever your reaction, it's a very lovely and worthwhile experience, working with energy and chakras, you will feel very calm and centered.


This was inevitable really. Having qualified in Reflexology and attuned to Reiki, I was asked by a few people if I'd ever consider doing Indian Head Massage as it's very relaxing but relatively quick (compared to a Reflexology treatment). I thought about it (for about one minute!!) and came to the conclusion it would be a perfect addition - being able to offer the head and the toes! It had sort of a Yin Yang feel to it. I didn't have to look far to find an inspirational and knowledgeable tutor either. Recommended by the AoR, Mary Atkinson (based in Chichester) has written books on the subject and tutors small groups to Diploma level in both the practical and the theory of Indian Head Massage. There were 3 of us in my group, it was an amazing course and a humbling experience, not least due to the people that were on the course. Full of encouragement, inspiration, knowledge and humour. I loved it! Whilst completing the practical study, we had no shortage of volunteers coming in to be case studies (many of whom were practicing therapists, so were able to offer constructive and invaluable tips). Along side the practical study, we did the theory and history of IHM and were then sent on our merry way to conduct case studies of our own. After weeks of case studies and submitting our folders/findings, we obtained our certificates - always a bittersweet moment, you're delighted you've got the certificate but sad that the process is over, especially when you've been privileged to learn from such a great tutor. Still, all good things must come to an end - or rather, change form, as now I can offer this beautiful, calming and nurturing therapy to my clients. I am toying with the idea of offering a combo treatment of Reflexology and Indian Head Massage for the ULTIMATE in relaxation!
I simply LOVE Reflexology, (and Reiki & Indian Head Massage). I stop short of accosting people in the street but delight when someone asks what I do! Of all the therapies I’ve had over the years, Reflexology has had the most impact on me. It’s quite simply heavenly to receive, wonderful to give and fantastic at re-balancing the body.

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