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What is Reiki? (pronounced Ray-Kee) Reiki is a gentle, natural, safe and non-intrusive holistic therapy which promotes balance. The translation of Reiki (which is a Japanese word) is “Universal Life Force” and this therapy is all about energy and vibration.

Everything in this world/universe is energy and when having a Reiki treatment, your auric field and your physical body are subject to the gentle flow of Reiki which is intended to restore balance, induce relaxation and keep stress at bay. It’s a non-intrusive therapy which is done over clothes, there is no massage or manipulation involved but the effects can be quite astounding. Everyone’s response to Reiki is different but even the most scientific of people can appreciate the therapy, as energy is at the heart of it and energy is what we all are, oscillating between the highest of vibrations (our aura) to the densest (our physical bodies). When having a Reiki treatment, different people feel different things and no two treatments are the same. The most common reports from clients are they feel heat from the Practitioner’s hands, tingling sensations, feel coolness or see colours. This is not an exhaustive list as every response is as unique as the client having the treatment.

It’s a wonderfully relaxing therapy and is safe to use on anyone. It is not a Religion and has no Religious connotations. Reiki is a wonderful tool for self-treatments, self-development and as a tool to manage stress levels. It is also a therapy used by Holistic Therapists (who have gone through to Reiki II) as a stand-alone treatment or is used in conjunction with another therapy (I love to combine Reflexology with Reiki). If you decide you would like to go through the Reiki levels with me, there are 3 levels, plus teacher level. I will explain in more detail what each level comprises.

I run courses of very small groups from Reiki First Degree (level I) to Reiki Master/Teacher (level III). These are face to face courses as the UK Reiki Federation require the attunements to be carried out in person. If you are interested in starting your Reiki journey with me, then please get in touch. Of course, even if you have done your Reiki I with another Master, I welcome you to do Reiki II and Master with me. It doesn’t matter how many attunements you have, or how many Masters you see. We are all constantly learning. I did my Reiki Master twice and have had two Reiki Masters. I see that as a positive as you can gain a lot from different teachers. Whatever your drive to start your own Reiki journey, you won’t regret it ~ Reiki is only ever given/received for the greatest and highest good of the recipient. It is, quite simply, wonderful!

I am a Holistic Therapist that practices Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology Lymph Drainage. I am a Member of the UK Reiki Federation, as well as the Association of Reflexologists. I have also completed the L3 in Education & Training Award. I completed my Reiki Master/Teacher level in 2018 and I am also fully insured (incorporating Teaching). I should also mention, I absolutely LOVE what I do whether it is treating regular clients, learning new therapies or, like now, taking people through their Reiki levels.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to start (or continue) your Reiki journey, we can have an informal chat and take things from there :-)

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This is all about you at this level. Opening the energy channels and the focus is on the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of the healer (i.e. you!), opens you to the concepts of using Reiki, the history and origins of Reiki and switching on the power (like an A.M. radio at this level). You can use on yourself and friends and family at this level.

2 day course

Course includes: Your attunement to Reiki I, a manual, hand-outs, practical sessions, group exercises, light refreshments, your certificate

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At this level it is a continuation of heal the healer, an expansion of knowledge, an introduction to the symbols, switches the power up further (like F.M. radio at this level). You can now receive paying clients at this level, as well as continuing to treat yourself and friends and family.

2 day course

Course includes: Your attunement to Reiki II, a manual (including sections on setting up a practice), hand-outs, practical sessions, group exercises, introduction to distant healing, light refreshments, your certificate.

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Focus is on health and healing at a spiritual level, a recap of Reiki history, the symbols, an introduction to another symbol(s), this is the highest level and switches the power up again (we’re now on DAB or Wi-Fi!) Being a Reiki Master is more a state of being, trying to live by the Reiki principles, as well as amplifying the energy. When you complete Reiki Master/Teacher, this will allow you to pass on the teachings to others, you can also give Healing Attunements to others and receive a 4th symbol. With Reiki Master Teacher you are given the remaining symbol (you will have 5 now) and an explanation/introduction to Tibetan symbols too.

2.5/ 3 day course (Reiki Master/Teacher)
£400 Reiki Master/Teacher

Course includes: Your attunement to Reiki Maste/Teacher, a manual, hand-outs, group exercises, practical sessions, introduction to new symbols, information on how to go about starting your own manuals for teaching and how to perform Attunements, light refreshments, your certificate.


I love what I do and being able to guide people through their Reiki levels is a very humbling experience. It's a magical journey and an enlightening one too so it's important you feel comfortable with me. I am always happy to discuss any aspect of the Reiki courses prior to booking and would welcome a chat initially, just to make sure I'm the Reiki Master Teacher you've been looking for :-) If you're ready to start your Reiki levels, whether it's for personal growth, you're wanting to treat yourself or family or you are a holistic therapist who wishes to add this wonderful therapy to your existing treatments, Reiki will enrich, enlighten and enthral!

Here are some comments from my feedback forms:

COURSE CONTENT: "The course content more than exceeded my expectations, it was thoroughly enjoyable & informative"
"You literally had catered and thought of everything, I could not have asked for more".

OVERALL FEEDBACK: "Thoughtful, emotional and the beginning of my new journey. Thank you, thank you"
"I cannot say how much I have enjoyed the course Emma-Jayne. You delivered all the course content with your passion, experience, kindness. Your knowledge is all encompassing for this Reiki Level 1 course."

YOUR MASTER TEACHER: "I felt so comfortable and relaxed to ask questions and to discuss topics covered. Absolutely feeling confident in my learning."
"Felt totally at ease and you were very open to any questions, to which you gave full and informative answers. I felt totally supported during the course and in the future"

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